François Cayol

dessins   圖紙  drawings رسومات   tekeningen  図面  dibujos



In November 2011 François Cayol published his first book, Dessins nomades, which features an important selection of his works. Dessins nomades includes thirty large-scale drawings of landscapes, as well as sketches, pastels, engravings and pages from notebooks.

This book was not completed chronologically but was compiled according to the author’s artistic sensibilities, as he considers drawing an expression of the fleetingness of time and forgotten memories. Each moment of existence is precious and Cayol strives to seize and immortalise them in his art.

Paris, Art Media Agency (AMA)

Born in France in 1954, François Cayol spends his childhood in Paris, France and his adolescence in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In 1974 he moves to Aix-en-Provence in the south of France where he works at the Atelier of André Bourdil. In 1976 he becomes a pupil of Louis Calevaert Brun, an eminent master engraver in Paris, over ninety at the time, who thorouhlly teaches him classic engraving techniques.

In 1978 François Cayol  travels to West Afrika and makes his first drawings of the Niger River. He will return to this country for several winter trips between 1990 and 1992.

He stays in residence at the Chateau de Lourmarin in the south of France, in 1986 and resides and works in the United States at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence.

Selected by the Académie de France, he becomes a resident at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid between 1992 and 1994,

He stays in residence at the Abbaye de la Prée in the Center of France between 2000-2003. During those years, François Cayol, regularly returns to work in Spain and Morocco, and occasionally draws in Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen but also the Azores, Lapland, Iceland and Canada.

Since 2004 he lives alternatively in his studio in Paris, and the Auvergne or the South of France.

He regularly returns to Marocco and Spain and discovers new landscapes in  Mongolia, Oman and India.

His work includes several thousand of drawings and dry points.